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Breaking News: 38 more suspects arrested at ‘Black Market’, other locations. As police intensify patrols.

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Feb 17, 2022

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Following the arrest of 108 suspects last week, of which 23 were criminally charged by ACU operatives of the Gambia Police Force, another 38 men were recently nabbed at the Serekunda ‘black market’, City Pop, Jeswang, Manjai Kunda, Kotu, Bakoteh and Kololi Terven. 20 out of these 38 were found with suspected stolen properties and some cash in Gambian dalasis, which they’re unable to account for. 7 others were found with suspected canabis sativa in their possessions.
However, screening is ongoing and the public will be informed accordingly, as investigators dig deep into these matters. The public is there assured that the Police, under the dynamic leadership of IGP Abdoulie Sanyang will leave no stone unturned the combating crime and criminality within the Gambian teritory. Patrols will be intensified and the public is urged to volunteer useful information to help the police in its mandate of maintaining law and order.

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