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Breaking News: Brikama Suspected Robbers Arrested with Dangerous Weapons.

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Feb 17, 2022

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Four suspected Robbers believed to be behind series of reported robberies with violence in the west coast settlement of Brikama have been nabbed friday after in their hideout at the Brikama forest. This came after residents of jamisa and Nyambai raised concerns to the police of the heinious activities of these criminals.

The men are: Muhamed Danso 50 years old of Busumbala, Famara Jallow of Brikama Madina whose age couldnt be establishe but an adult he is, Saikou Njie of Brikama Nyambai, also an adult and Ebrima Danso of Farato also an adult. At the time of their arrest by the men of the Brikama PIU & CID, these four men were found with dangerous weapons like Knives, Scissors, suspected canabis, Alcohol, cooking utensils and a cooked lunc of the local ‘ benechin’ dish. They are currently detained and investigation is ongoing and upon completion of the probe, they will be charged and paraded in court.


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