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Breaking News: Another Breakthrough: As notorious breakers in Police net.

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Feb 18, 2022

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Police detectives in the WCR have taken into custody, two young men, noted for breaking & stealing in and around Kunkujang.
Reports from Kunkujang police station has that; the suspects, Tamsir Jagne 17 yrs old of Lamin Village and Khalifa Ceesay, 19 years old of Kunkujang were believed to have unlawfully entered into the dwelling house of the victim, whilst she was asleep and carted away two flat screens and a bluetooth speaker, all valued at D60,000 ( Sixty Thousand dalasi).
Investigation into the matter connected the two accused persons and they both confessed to have commissioned the felony.
However, one of the flat screens was found in Kalifa’s house with cutlasses believed to be used in the breaking, the screen was recovered and used as exibit.
Meanwhile, both are charged and will be paraded in court shortly, whilst a third suspect, named Sait Fall AKA “Warlord” of Tabokoto is on the run, efforts to locate him is ongoing.

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