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Man nabbed for being in possession of fake CFA notes.

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Mar 22, 2022

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By Inspt. Jamank police deputy PRO

Police in the Senegambia area have taken in a man, suspected of being in possession of fake CFA currency.
The accused, one Malick Sey, 20 year old resident of kololi was unlucky when he attempted to change the said fake CFA notes into dalasi denomination. Facts of the matter revealed how the accused entered a bureau de change and attempted to convert 50,000 CFA into dalasi, the bureau attendant had already gave him D4,500 but soon detected that out of the money, 20000 CFA was counterfeit, the accused was already on his way out, his attention was called and started running but karma caught on him, when he was quickly apprehended and brought to the police and charged for the offence contrary to section 340 of the criminal code. He’ll be arranged in court soon. However, the general public is advised to be vigilant and watchout when it comes to dealings with unknown person in changing money, especially foreign currencies, the office of the IGP will continue to do everything possible to protect, secure and maintain law, order and society.

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