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Training On Forensic And Criminal Science For GPF Personnel Ends

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Mar 30, 2022

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On Friday, 25 March 2022, this year’s second training of the German Police Support Team at the Police Training School came to an end. Over the past two weeks 20 Gambian police officers where trained in Crime Scene Management and Criminal Investigations by Detective Michael Müller and Forensic Scientist Jochen “Jogi” Reister from the Baden-Württemberg State Police.
The police officers learned how to find and secure evidence, how to document crime scenes and how to conduct criminal investigations. During the course, they were also introduced to a new tool: the Dust Print Lifting Kit.
At the ceremony, the German Police Support Team provided the GPF with three Electrostatic Dust Print Lifting Kits. The Dust Print Lifting Kit operates by charging a plastic film, placed over the dust print, which creates electrostatic adhesions and draws the film onto the surface bearing the print. In this way, footprints and shoeprints are secured that otherwise cannot be captured. This will immensely expand the investigation possibilities of the GPF.
In addition, the German Police Support Team presented an additional Crime Scene Investigation Kit and numerous Crime Scene Management materials such as gloves and protective suits. The Closing Ceremony was presided over by AIG Demba Sowe, Crime Management Coordinator, who accepted the items on behalf of the Inspector General of Police.
Sven Stadtrecher, Senior Project Coordinator of the German Police Support Team (GPST) has tipped evidence security and crime scene management as key to modern day law enforcement because the level of trust citizens have on justice delivery hinges on the success of criminal investigations after a crime has occured. Mr. Sven said these whilst presiding over the closing ceremony of second batch of the criminalistics and forensic science training for crime management personnel of the Gambia Police Force.
He charged police officers to apply the newly acquired skills and tools in all future criminal investigations. Whilst reiterating their continous support and cooperation with the GPF, Mr. Sven finally thanked the Police High Command under the dynamism of IGP Abdoulie Sanyang for support and hospitality extended to their team during the last two years. In addition, the German Police Support Team presented additional crime scene management materials and investigation kits such as gloves and PPEs.
AIG Demba Sowe, Crime Management Coordinator, GPF seized the opportunity to convey the IGP’s profound gratitude and hailed the Germans for what he called their tireless support to the GPF.
He called on trainees to utilise the knowledge gained and add value to police investigations as the public expectation is high. AIG Sowe also thanked the Germans, on behalf of the IGP and assured that, their support will go a long way in bringing about quality in criminal investigations by the police. He concluded by urging officers to remain professional and uphold the rule of law at all times.

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