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Operation Road Safety – 28.04.2022

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Apr 28, 2022

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It could be recalled that the police management, this week launched an operation dubbed “Operation Road Safety” with the aim of reducing road traffic accidents and barely three days after this great initiative was formally rolled out, improvements have been registered on our highways, as drivers are now respecting highway and traffic codes.
The operation has seen tremendous improvement on the roads, drivers are now sure of seeing police personnel in every two kilometers, therefore the issue of overloading and overspeeding are becoming history on our roads.
Accident prevention squad teams are now dispatched from all hotspots, starting from Kalagi to Pakaliba in LRR, where more than 15 vehicles were impoubded for breaking traffic rules and drivers fined whilst others processed.
In the CRR, the operation is in high gears and drivers now cooperating with ground rules.
URR is no exemption and the NBR, a region that’s working hard, under the regional police commissioner, Ansuman Kinteh has registered great strides in accident reduction in the last one week.
Police in NBR are doing it in a hollistic way and with a joined security taskforce, more than a hundred fog lights were confiscated from motorists in that region and over 25 motocyles and vehicles are grounded for some being unregistered and others not roadworthy. The operation continues.

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