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MC Cham Jr.`s Words Of Support For The Gambia Police Force & The IGP

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May 13, 2022

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By Mola Tamba, Switzerland.

Dear Gambians, both home and abroad!

The Gambia Police force is hereby thanking and appreciates Mr.Cham Jr.`s kind Words Of Support For The Gambia Police Force & it’s able and proactive IGP, Mr. Abdoulie Sanyang, who is working tirelessly for the transformation of the Police Institution in The Gambia to meet international standards.

We call on all Gambians, both home and abroad, to emulate the likes of Mr.Cham Jr. As he has rightly said, it’s high time we support our police force, which has been for decades working in unbearable conditions, without adequate, sufficient, and the right tools to be able to execute their duties to serve our country.

It’s high time that we, as Gambians, collectively join hands together to fund and support our brothers and sister in the Gambia Police Force. We have to remember especially we, in the diaspora, that the people The Gambia Police Force is protecting and serving back home in The Gambia, are our own families.

There are many ways that we can support the Gambia Police Force, let’s work together despite all differences for the betterment of our Gambia.


“For The Gambia Our Homeland”.


PayPal E.mail Address: admin@gambiapoliceforce.com

The Office of the Inspector General of Police is hereby informing concern persons that it is in the process of transforming The Gambia Police Force to meet international policing standards where the rule of law and human rights will be fully observed without reservations.

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For Your Generous Support To

The Gambia Police Force


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