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Sep 6, 2022

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By Deputy PRO. Mr. Alieu Jamanka.

DCAF in partnership with the Office of National Security (ONS)and the Gambia Police Force (GPF) is conducting a two-day Election Security Evaluation.

The evaluation is part of activities under the Election Security Project funded by ECOWAS and the European Union and implemented by DCAF.

As part of its activities, DCAF conducted some training and workshops on election security targeting police officers, community members, and journalists.

The evaluation is an opportunity to assess the impact of DCAF’s support to GPF on election security.

Some of the activities include:

• Crisis and Critical Incident Response
• Training of Trainers-Policing Roles & Responsibilities & Crisis and Critical Incident Response
• Regional Engagement with Community Members
• GPF Training – Election Focused
• Media Training on Objective Reporting
• Dialogue Forum – Communities and Key Stakeholders
• Electoral Cycle – Key Stakeholders
• Gender-Related issues in the Context of the Elections
• Dialogue Forum For information sharing between the security and Oversight Actors in the Framework of Elections

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