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GPF Move To Rebrand Its Public Engagement Through Effective Communication

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Sep 6, 2022

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By Police Pro Mrs. B. Njie

As part of efforts aimed at rebranding its outlook to improve effective communication with the public, the Gambia Police Force high command has endorsed the renaming of its popular online news platform-Poliso. The online platform now bears the generic name of The Gambia Police Force.

The Public Relations Office has opted to help effect smooth communication between the public and police.

The renaming of the Facebook page is expected to be complemented by timely delivery of news content and press releases, as well as public engagement issues regarding the safety and security of all living in the Gambia.

You can follow The GPF Twitter handle on:
The Gambia Police Force

And the website on www.gambiapoliceforce.com

The Gambia Police Force
Public Relations Office


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