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Gambia Police Force Female Network Formed

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Gambia Police Force Female Network Formed

By 1st cc Mariama. B. Manneh


With the blessings of the Inspector General of Police, the GPF has launched the first ever female police officer’s network that comprised all female serving police officers in the Gambia.
In a one to one interview with POLISO, Police commissioner Lala M. Camara, coordinator of the network spoke of the aims and objectives of the new association

According to her, it was timely to organize themselves in a male dominated field, so as to take up their rightful stand. “We all know, Women are always vulnerable and as such, it’s good to come together and get stronger and forge ahead for a better society. The Gambia police force is developing and we must support our male counterparts, as our fathers, brothers, uncles and sons. We will work to complement each other and do our best to keep our society safe” she said.

she further reveals that, the network will establish partnership with the women’s bureau and the West African Network for Peace building [WANEP] for more empowerment and presently its executive members are working for the development of a constitution to attain legal status.
She finally highlighted the objectives of the network, that will ensure the following;
• To improve the working conditions of female police officers
• To support female officers with domestic and household difficulties
Development of female officers’ skills and knowledge
• To support orphans
• Provision of capacity building for female officers
• And finally to ensure those female officers work hand in gloves to make it a successful one.

The association belongs to us and we should therefore fight to keep it ours. She strongly advice female officer to always try to sacrifice for their job and always try to maintain the highest standard of discipline and modesty, going with the saying, act of indiscipline is a major delay to success” Commissioner Lala Camara concludes.

The network was formed on the 13th October, 2017 and the reasons are purposely to enhance the morals of the female police officers, in terms of decision making, equity, capacity building and welfare.
It is also envisioned to create cooperation and mutual understanding amongst members, to enhance women’s sustainability and equal benefits, promotions, amongst others.

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