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The success of any institution largely depends on the quality of its human resource. The Gambia Police command in cognizance of this has engaged in the massive recruitment of graduates and professionals in the force. This great initiative may however not achieve its ultimate goal more effectively if the personnel involved are not qualified enough. Therefore there is an urgent need to raise the qualification standards for recruitment into the Gambia Police Force.
It is therefore recommended that the recruitment which is often done at the instance of the Inspector General of Police be carried out by the Officer Commanding Human Resource Development at the police Headquarters to be supported by Commander/Police Training School.


1. ADVERTISEMENT: This is done through the print and electronic media.
2. Sale of Police Recruitment Forms – This will specify the Police Standards as recommended by the SMT.
– Must be Gambian by birth with no criminal record
– Age – Must not be less than 18 years
– Height – Must be of a minimum height off 1.60m for males and 1.55m for females
– Must be physically fit by Police standards.
Academic qualification depends on the caliber of persons required; however considering the large number of persons interested in becoming police officers, it is recommended that the qualification standards be raised. This shall be at least four credits including English in WASSCE. University graduates, Professionals- Doctors, Lawyers, Tailors, ICT, Electricians, Drivers, musicians etc.
NOTE: All the modalities of the recruitment shall be comprehensively laid down by the committee and strictly adhered to.
This shall be done by the Enlistment Team that may be constituted for the particular enlistment.
At the screening level, all the specifications on the advertisement are examined in order to meet the laid down standards.


Applicants who were selected at the screening level are made to write a qualifying examination. This is meant to test their academic capabilities. The exam entails:
(a) English
(b) Mathematics
(c) General Paper
Results shall be published on Police Notice Boards.

Successful applicants at the academic level shall undergo a compulsory medical examination principally in:
– Sickle Cell
– Blood Test
– Etc
Report on medical examination is the last stage
The training modules which comprise Foot Drill, Physical Training, Musketry and Class instructions should be a specialized challenge for the instructors. Therefore, division of labor and specialization shall be encouraged for a more effective service delivery as an institution.
Qualified applicants at the medical examination are called to the Police Academy for the Basic Police Training.
The minimum number of Months for the Basic Police Training is Four (4) Months. It may be more but not more than Twelve (12) Months.
1. Criminal Investigation
2. Law of Evidence
3. Force Standing Orders
4. Criminal Law
5. Criminal Procedure
6. Traffic Management
7. Map Reading
8. Professional Policing Ethics
9. Communication skills and English Language
10. Basic Fitness Training (Physical Training and Drill)
11. Community Policing
12. Weapon Training (Musketry)
13. Practical Police Duties (PPD)
14. Information and Communication Technology (ICT)
15. French Language
16. Defense and Safety Skills (in First Aid)
17. Excursion for Practical Experience
18. Client Care

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