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Headquarters: GPF Headquarters, Ecowas Drive
Jurisdiction: Gambia
Predecessor: Gambia Constabulary
Sworn members: 5,000
Founded in 1965
Type of authority: Civilian police
Elected official: Honorable Ebrima Mballow, Minister of the Interior



We care about what you think about our service and your views are important to us. Please provide us with your feedback to help us make our service better.

The Gambia Police Service is committed to create a safe and secure environment for all the people in Smiling coast of Africa . Your feedback is welcome and important to us. You can contribute towards the enhancement and development of the Gambia Police Force.

This Contact Us page is not for emergencies and you cannot report a crime on the website.But rather and Emailing system Reaching Personal assistance to the high Command.

The following contact numbers can be used for the purposes of emergencies, to report a crime,to register a complaint or to send a message:


Below is a list of important NYPD phone numbers.

  • Emergency:
  • Non-Emergency:
  • General Inquiries:
  • Sex Crimes Report Line:
  • Crime Stoppers:
  • Missing Persons Case Status:
  • Terrorism Hot-Line:
  • Gun Stop Program:
  • Police Shot:

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