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As we enter the weekend, it is important to bear the following personal safety tips in mind.
1. Drink and driving is dangerous, if you know you’re going to drink, please have someone else to drive you home.
2. Desist from joy riding and car racing on the road as it could lead to fatal accidents.
3. Avoid walking along lonely streets alone during odd hours especially women traveling alone.
4. Beware of unscrupulous taxi drivers at night, If you must board a taxi, record the plate number and mark then quickly share it with a friend or family member. In the case the taxi doesn’t have registration number, you may consider not joining such.
5. If you are a pump attendant at a petrol station be careful with your cash bag and stay vigilant.
6. If you are driving around busy traffic, be mindful of unscrupulous people who pretend they are being hit by your car. If you must attend to such, make sure your doors are locked.
7. Quickly report all unusual activities and suspicious persons to the nearest Police.
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