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Hello And Welcome To The New Gambia Police Force

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Policing With A Difference!


Since its inception in 1855, The Gambia Police has gone through tremendous transformation. It has moved from being used as a machine serving colonialists interests to being a force that provides services to the general public (Force For Good).

Its constitutional mandate provides for the protection of life and property, maintenance of law and order, detection and prevention of crime and the prosecution of offenders. With the population of The Gambia estimated at 1.8 million, carrying out this herculean task requires not only a large force, but also one that is well trained and fully equipped.

Admittedly, even though much has been done to get the man power and required infrastructure, we fall short of meeting our desired needs. However, in order to successfully fulfill our constitutional mandate new paradigms of policing have been introduced. These include Community Policing, Problem Oriented Policing, Democratic Policing and so on.

These new forms of policing call for partnering, and inclusion of community members in everyday policing. However, to achieve this, must be done in making the general public aware of these trends.
The use of the media is one avenue in which the police can make public awareness and consequently encourage and embed the much needed partnership in preventing crime.

it is against this backdrop, the GPF welcomes you to its maiden and first ever website. we encourage you to keep visiting to get all updates and information about the Gambia Police Force and its developments.

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