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If someone reports a road traffic collision to us, we take the necessary measurements in other to keep records we investigate the matter in the Traffic Unit.
If we are able to investigate your collision we will contact you within 5 working days after receipt of your collision report to give you contact details of the person dealing with your case.
If you wish to do so, the completed form 206 can be taken to a Metropolitan Police Service station and shown to the reception staff, who will update it with the station stamp, date and time of reporting. You will be given the form to retain and there will be no additional police report. Do not submit this form by post.
To download the Reporting a collision / accident (Road traffic collisions
Section 170 of the Road Traffic Act 1988 requires drivers/ riders to report to a police officer or police station that they have been involved in an accident involving in any of the following;
• any personal injury
• damage only, where the other driver/ rider did not stop
• damage only, where names and addresses were not exchanged with the other driver/ rider/ cyclist and any other owner of property damaged (even if the other driver stopped)
Road traffic self report collision form – Form 207
This form has been provided to allow drivers/ riders/ cyclists to self-report such cases where police did not attend the scene. It is emphasised that the completed form must be handed in to a police station and date stamped accordingly.
Our road traffic collision / accident form (form 207) can be downloaded from our related publications section of this page.
This must be done as soon as is practicable and in any event within 24 hours of the accident in order to assist any possible investigation and to comply with the law.
Upon receipt of the form you will then be sent a letter acknowledging receipt and explaining what will happen next.
Reporting a collision / accident involving damage only – Form 206
Where names and addresses have been exchanged with the other driver / rider / cyclist and with any other owner of property damaged.
Although the law has been complied within these cases, some insurance companies ask that a report is still made to police.
involving damage only) form (see related publications)
How to apply for a collision report – Form 518 & 518A
Collision reports will not be released until the investigation is concluded.
Requests for Police Collision Reports and Third Party Details in road traffic collisions will only be accepted when a completed form 518 (see related publications) is submitted.
To search for an collision/accident which may have been reported to police please use form 518a (see related publications)
Do not complete this form if any driver involved was arrested please write to the local station Criminal Justice Unit.
Dangerous or Careless Driving – Collision/Incident Witness Information – Form 966
If you witness or are subjected to bad driving / riding, which does not result in a collision and wish to report this to police then this must be recorded on a form 966 Traffic witness form – see related publications
If the incident occurs within London, form 966 can also be obtained from any Metropolitan police station. Please note if we do not receive this form within 14 days of the offence we may be unable to take any further action due to the legislation contained within S1 Road Traffic Offenders Act 1998. Also not every incident of bad driving will result in a prosecution but you may be required to attend court in certain circumstances.
This form is not to be used to report any traffic collisions, road rage exchanges following a traffic incident if abusive, racist or threatening language has been used and/or any injury has been caused by an assault.
Roadsafe London
Roadsafe London is an information and Intelligence gathering tool. It is the Metropolitan Police response to requests to provide a means for members of the public to advise us about criminal, nuisance and anti-social behaviour on the roads of London. It is part of the Road Crime Intelligence Unit and staffed by experienced traffic officers.You can report your concerns using a simple to use form available at the RoadsafeLondon website listed in related links.

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