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Peace Keeping Mission

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Peace-keeping missions are embarked upon by United Nations Security Council resolutions to support the implementations of ceasefire agreements and peace process; protect United Nations staff, facilities and civilians; support humanitarian and human right activities, as well as assist in national security reform in affected member states. The Gambia Police Force however, began this noble task in the late 1990s in Angola with only two personnel (Amadou Ceesay and Anthony Correa) and gradually spread its tentacles in other conflicts affected countries such as Kosovo, East Timor, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Southern Sudan and Darfur. Several hundreds of police officers have served in these countries and currently there are 145 serving in Darfur, 23 in Liberia 21 in East-Timo and 24 in southern Sudan. It is important to note that several ex- police officers are also serving in these mission areas as civilian staff members. Prominent among them include the ex-Inspector General of Police, landing 13 Badjie who is the 2nd in command in the humanitarian Assistance in Darfur, ex-commissioner Babucarr Sowe based in UN headquarters in New York as desk officer and ex-superintendent Foday Minteh serving in Afghanistan under the United Nations Department of Safety and Security (UNDSS).

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