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PUBLIC NOTICE: The office of the Inspector General of Police is greatly concern with the frequent reports of found children whose parents are mostly unidentified.

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In certain instances, it becomes very challenging for the Police to begin the process of identifying such parents as the children are too young to give any helpful information. In situations where possible, children give very scanty details that could aid in tracing their parents
While this may be attributed to various factors including the closure of schools and the stay at home orders to prevent the further spread of Covid-19, the IGP’s office wishes to remind parents that, it is their sacred responsibility to protect and care for their children as stipulated in our laws.
Furthermore, the inspector General of Police once again strongly reminds parents, car rental services and vehicle owners to be vigilant and never allow children access to their vehicles for the purpose of racing .
Individuals found wanting of violations will be strictly dealt with in accordance with the laws.
The cooperation and understanding of the public is highly solicited.
NB: The children on the pictures attached are currently with the Police. If you have any useful information about their parents please call 9968885.

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