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Reporting Fraud

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Reporting fraud 
In an emergency you should phone 112. You should use the 112 service to contact police when you need an immediate response – if a crime is happening now or if anyone is in immediate danger. The national local police number is now 112.
If you have been a victim of fraud please follow the guidelines below. If you wish to report other types of crime.
The police are not the only agency with power to investigate fraud related offences; it is often difficult to determine what has happened and who to make reports to. In priority cases, as shown below, a report should be made to Police. In other cases, the reports should be made to Fraud squad.
Fraud squad is the Gambia’s national fraud. It was set up by ……. They issue a ‘crime reference number’ which should be quoted in the same way as one issued by police.

Special arrangements apply to the fraudulent use of credit cards, bank debit cards, cheques and bank accounts. See below, see below also for information about trading standards, consumer issues, on-line and vehicle related fraud.
Fraud and Scams
If you are a victim of fraud, often also referred to as ‘scams’, you should make a report.
Fraud squad is available to report fraud and attempted fraud offenses online or by phone.

Victims of fraud often believe that they know the person who has defrauded them because of what they have been told by mail, phone or over the internet.
• Fraudsters use technology to hide their true whereabouts and identity.
• All information that they have provided about themselves may be false.

Vulnerable Victims and Third Party Reports.
A vulnerable victim may not be able to make a report ,because he may lack the capacity to understand their situation as a victim of crime. They may require additional support from Police or partner organizations. A third party may make a report for or on behalf of a vulnerable person who is unable to make a report or lacks capacity, where this is in their best interest.
Credit Cards, Bank Debit Cards, Cheques and Bank Accounts
If your credit card, bank debit card, cheques or bank details have been used by fraudsters, your bank or other financial Institution must be informed, they make a report to the Fraud squad.

If a fraudulent account has been set up in your name and you don’t have a relationship with that bank or card company, a report must be made by you.
Money at risk includes situations where a bank or money transfer may be stopped or a payment is pending.If you have lost or had stolen any of the above items, a separate report must be made to the Police.
Trading Standards and Consumer issues

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